Agri Automation

Introducing End to End farm automation with research backed SoPs
Eliminating farmer health risk


Agri Intelligence

AI powered data cruncher for early pests detection, customised crop advisory and much more



For the FIRST TIME in INDIA crop specific research with ICRISAT, PJTSAU & RICH
to bring cutting edge technology to Indian farms



Market place for timely, professional and affordable farm services enhancing farmer's profitability


Establishing drone-agri tech protocols for the FIRST TIME in INDIA

Our Story

We are India’s pioneers in Agri-Automation and Agri-Intelligence. We adapt and adopt cutting edge technology to fulfill the agricultural ambition of our Nation - 2x Farmer’s income, while ensuring that it reduces the burden on health of Environment and Farmer.

India has the second largest area under cultivation globally. However, it is largely unproductive and plagued by labour shortages, high input costs and yield losses leaving famer prone to financial vulnerability. Moreover, agriculture is the top most contributor to pollution. The situation is further deteriorating owing to climate change.

We at Agricopter having come from farming families ourselves deeply passionate to change this in collaboration with technology players, research institutes and a network of farm service providers.

We are bringing the much awaited revolution in agri practices and developing an ecosystem around technological agriculture to the benefit of every stakeholder.


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