Agri Automation Services

Precision Spraying

100% even spread - enabled by IoT & Drone

80% reduced inputs

100% adherence to planned flight path

0% Human risk


Direct Seeding

6x faster than manual seeding

100% field Coverage

40% reduction in input cost

100% Eliminates transplantation in paddy fields

Input Application

100% even application - enabled by IoT & Drone

80% reduced inputs

90% Reduced manual labour



80% more efficient

100% Eliminates manual labour

Agri Intelligence Services

Crop Growth Monitoring

  • Identify nutrient deficiencies and apply fertilizers
  • Identify abiotic stress based on plant symptoms and recommend application of related chemicals

Pest Management

  • Early stage detection
  • Precise and even application of pesticides
  • Reduced usage of doses due to even dispersal mechanism and reach of drones

Nutrient Management

  • Drone images fed into our AI software gives accurate estimates of crop yield
  • It validates the health and yield of crop, that backed by our research validation, provides a more trusting source for insurance claims

Soil Management

  • System of IoT sensors are deployed to get regionalised soil data including micro nutrients and water in real time and help plan for better resource distribution of chemicals and water application.
  • Most importantly this helps avoid over application of fertilizers or pesticides - reducing both degradation and input costs.

Yield Estimates

  • Even with the introduction of Fasal BHIMA, the destruction of crop loss is very hard to account due to lack of accurate estimations.
  • Agricopter’s monitoring images combined with our AI, gives accurate estimates of yield and work as base figures for insurance claims.
  • It enables trust of both the farmer and insurer which helps build the nascent agri-insurance market.
  • Plant phenotyping
  • Canopy estimation using AI and multi-spectral imagery


  • We form the link between farmers and drones. With well-trained pilots, we run on hub and spoke aggregator models to deliver timely on-demand service.
  • App is integrated with our software
  • The drone pilots gather the data and it is fed into our software to generate real time field insights.
  • The farmers get detailed reports delivered to their phones